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Life is an eclectic mass of layers, textures, and colors...

The depth and intrinsic details that makes life’s experience so unique and beautiful. How light and dark reflect off those layers is what brings emotion to the surface and incites me to somehow see more than what is in front me. I choose to see beauty and to provide opportunities to beauty in my work. It’s this philosophy I have on life, and how I see it, that inspires me to create the work I do.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is what you choose to see. “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” – Confucius.

With each painting, I incorporate those layers of which I find flawed, yet stunning and unique.  I strive to bring out the raw beauty in any of my subjects, no matter how imperfect. My hope is that those inspired by my work will take the time to view the world around them in a similar perspective.



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The artist's work can is featured at the Vertigo Art Gallery, located in the Roosevelt Art District, of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, as well as on various online galleries.


Browse the gallery to select your favorite for purchase or for prints.

The designs featured at the Debbie's Living Canvas are original works of art, created by the artist, Deborah Marsh. Designs have been masterfully reproduced as high quality digital images, and printed on premium quality products and apparel. Each design is unique, colorful, and beautiful, and perfect for creating your own personal style. You won't find anything quite like it!

Looking for an artist to create that special piece of art for your home, office, or gift. The artist works in a variety of mediums, styles and sizes. Contact Debbie for your more information and scheduling.

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Debbie's Living Canvas

Gilbert, AZ USA

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